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Visit The Napa Valley and Enjoy Andretti Winery

AThe Andretti Winery in Napa Valley welcomes you! Andretti Winery, close to the town of Napa, is situated in the heart of 42 acres of vineyard where you can share a glass of wine and picnic lunch. Our wine tasting is open every day. We also host private parties and special events. Many events are held during the Summer in the Napa Wine Country, however one of the best is The Andretti Chairman’s Festivo!

Napa Valley Event at Andretti Winery Open to the Public: Chairman’s Festivo!

HHave you ever dreamed of coming to California and being a guest at one of the premier wineries in the Napa Valley?

There is no better time of year to come visit Napa Valley. Right now the Andretti Winery opens it’s doors to invite wine club members, friends old and new to come stroll the grounds, eat fine food and drink our amazing Andretti wines.

We welcome guests from all over the world to purchase their tickets and dine with us on the veranda. Here you can enjoy a hearty dinner and a glass of fine Andretti wine and meet some of the Andretti Winery family.

Visiting the Napa Valley is a peak experience at any time of year but even more so when you can eat like family in one of the premier wineries in the valley.

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