Napa Valley Winery Event:

Napa Valley Winery EventNapa Valley Winery Event:

In Italian, “Festivo” means Festive – a cheerful celebration! You are invited to this exclusive Napa Valley Winery Event. The 2017 Chairman’s Festivo! Napa Valley Winery Events are not to be missed when in California. This exclusive event fills up fast every year so if you want to join us book now.

Andretti Winery is one of the most unique and beautiful places you’ll find in the Napa Valley. Once a year, Andretti Winery holds a special 2 day event. July 22 and 23. Andretti Winery opens its doors for The Chairman’s Festivo to it’s guests. We invite you to walk the 42 acres of vineyards, dance to the beautiful music, and enjoy the magical villa.

Enjoy One of a Kind Dinner Event 2017 Chairman’s Festivo!

Dinner is served on the beautiful shaded veranda. You’ll gaze across the Napa Valley to the distant mountains while sipping the our dreamy varietals. After dinner, take a stroll down to the lazy Napa River. The river runs through the Andretti property. There you will enjoy the feeling of truly being immersed in the vineyards. You will understand the beauty and excitement first hand when you see the geography of our valley.

This is where the San Andreas Fault slowly formed our California typography over many years. These unique hills and knolls bring us our fabulous unique California wines. Enjoy your wine and soft gentle breezes coming off the Pacific Ocean, taking in late afternoon shadows and light across the vines.

Spending time at the Andretti Winery, you will be one of the few who has had the privilege of feeling what it’s like be a part of the Napa Valley. You’ll feel as though you live here yourself. A visit to California should always include a visit to the beautiful Andretti Winery.

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Napa Valley Winery Event  at Andretti Winery – 2017 Chairman’s Festivo!

At the event you’ll be a part of the Andretti family. When visiting Napa, you’ll be at one of the most exclusive events in the Valley. Join us July 22 and 23 at Andretti Winery for the most beautiful evenings of relaxing opulence, good friends, great wines. You’ll have the sense of being a part of a big Italian family right here in Napa.

Every year you’ll want to come back to be a part of our The Chairman’s Festivo weekend. You will find yourself lost in time and enjoying a dreamscape of amazing wines, tasty food and soft Italian and jazz music.

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At Andretti Winery You Are Family – Join us at 2017 Chairman’s Festivo!

The Andretti Winery was founded by Joe Antonini former Kmart CEO, and world renown race car driver Mario Andretti. Every year they open the winery to you, our guests. When visiting Andretti Winery, you’ll find yourself free to explore the villa with your wine listening to relaxing Italian music.

There is no better way to enjoy California than participating in this exclusive Napa Valley Winery Event at Andretti Winery. And you’ll find no nicer people on the planet, than those who work with us here at The Andretti Winery. We look forward to meeting you for the first time, reconnecting with old friends and sharing the property with you, our guest.

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