Pranzo Al Fresco ~ Picnic Experience


We offer you our Pranzo al fresco experience. This is experience is perfect for a group lunch with your friends or family. The wide varieties of selections are bound to have something for every palate. Begin your visit to Andretti Winery with a wine tasting in our rustic Tasting Room, enjoying your gourmet handle bag lunch with a glass of your favorite wine on our Tuscan inspired property.



Grilled Chicken Grilled chicken, goat cheese, roasted bell peppers, arugula, ciabatta

Prosciutto Prosciutto de Parma, Fromage Blanc, fig compote, arugula, ciabatta

Steak Grilled flat iron, horseradish aioli, tomato pesto, greens, ciabatta

Oven Roasted Turkey Roasted turkey, avocado, tomato, baby greens, Dijon aioli, whole grain bread

Tuna Tuna conserva, olive tapenade, greens, tomato pesto, garlic aioli, ciabatta

Grilled Vegetable Eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, tomato, mozzarella, arugula, focaccia Porchetta Porchetta made in-house, aioli, tomato jam, arugula, ciabatta Seasonal Soppressata, coppa, mozzarella, tomato pesto, greens, focaccia


Tuna Tuna conserva served with baby greens, red potatoes, beans, egg, cucumber, tomato, roasted garlic vinaigrette, olive bread crouton

Grilled Chicken Grilled chicken with romaine, roasted garlic vinaigrette, parmesan, olive bread crouton

Chop Salad Baby greens, dried cherries, Point Reyes blue, balsamic vinaigrette, spiced pecans Arugula and Beet Salad Arugula, roasted beets, Laura Chenel Goat Cheese, toasted pistachio, preserved lemon vinaigrette.