Bob Pepi, Winemaker


Bob Pepi, Winemaker

Dedicated to Producing
The Finest Wines, Second to None

Bob Pepi has been the Consulting Winemaker at Andretti Winery since the decision to purchase the property and its forty-two acre vineyard was made by founders, Mario Andretti and Joe Antonini.

With an impressive name built on many years of experience in the Napa Valley, Andretti Winery has been proud to work with Bob Pepi for over a decade. With his notable career, beginning with his father starting the Robert Pepi Family Winery in Oakville where he developed a reputation for pioneering the Sangiovese grape and wine from that variety, Bob has built a reputation for crafting award-winning wines, with many of his finest releases made for Andretti Winery.

Like Andretti Winery, Bob’s philosophy is that great wines are made in the vineyards. As the Consulting Winemaker to the legendary Andretti wine experience, Bob gently guides excellence in winemaking through the fermentation and aging process until the wines are wholly ready for release. The end result: wines that are well recognized by their distinctive fruity character, complexity and balance.